WP 7: Embedded ethics

WP7 is a cross-cutting, integrative work package that establishes an embedded ethics approach within 4D PICTURE. It collaborates with all work packages and aims to ensure that ethical and social aspects of the planned tools, and implications of their use, are considered from the very start of their interdisciplinary development. In addition to scholarly publications, WP7 will produce training materials, dissemination materials and practice and policy guidance / recommendations.

work package 7 tasks


Literature reviews

This task concerns literature reviews on ethical and social aspects of a) medical AI and risk prediction tools in oncology, and b) decision-support tools for shared decision making in medicine and oncology; study of relevant ethical values such as equity and equal access to healthcare, solidarity, diversity, efficient use of resources, personal autonomy and self-determination, epistemic justice and attention for patient values and perspectives, health & well-being (physical mental and social), sustainability, trust and trustworthiness, privacy and data protection, explainability and transparency, responsibility; study of any related practice and policy proposals.


Embedded ethics participation

This concerns ongoing activities in collaboration with all other WPs, such as:

  • Ongoing and regular participation in the development process of methods and tools (meetings, jour fixes, workshops, etc.) and of training, dissemination and policy materials;
  • Structure the anticipation, identification, examination, analysis and discussion of any ethical questions and issues arising in the WPs and of the joint development of responses, regular internal reporting;
  • Develop internal training in ethical analysis and reasoning for other consortium members in 4D PICTURE (module development, training toolbox, peer mentoring etc.).

Qualitative interview study

Qualitative interviews with developers and users about:

  • ethics in development and application of AI prediction tools in oncology;
  • ethics in development of data-driven decision-support tools for shared decision making in cancer care;
  • ethics in practice: user experiences with data driven decision-support-tools. Each study N approx. 20; professional transcription, software-based content analysis and publication.

Alena Buyx

Work Package 7 Lead

Work package leader

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