PPI Representatives

Within the realm of cancer treatment and research, the inclusion of patient perspectives is indispensable. In 4D PICTURE, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) representatives serve as the bridge between medical professionals, researchers, and those directly affected by cancer – the patients and their families.

Cancer is not merely a medical condition; it’s a multifaceted experience that encompasses physical, emotional, and social dimensions. PPI representatives bring these perspectives to the forefront, ensuring that research, treatment protocols, and healthcare services are not only scientifically sound but also aligned with the practical needs and lived experiences of those with cancer.

We encourage each PPI representative to be active in the 4D PICTURE project at their preferred level of involvement. This may include attending meetings, providing advisory input, or even co-authoring scientific articles. By actively engaging PPI representatives at every stage of the project, we create a collaborative research environment where mutual understanding and innovation converge.

Get to know our dedicated PPI representatives. Each of them brings a unique story and perspective to our project. Discover their experiences and motivations that led them to become integral parts of the 4D PICTURE project.

Do you have a recent history of cancer treatment? Consider sharing your experiences by completing our questionnaire

Johannes Förner

I am a blood cancer patient, living in Germany. Shared decision-making is very close to my heart and is one of the reasons why I am excited to be part of the 4D PICTURE team as a PPI representative.

I believe patient involvement in research projects is very important and will contribute to better results, with more relevance for patients.