Research and coordination

4D PICTURE is coordinated by Judith Rietjens (PI), Anne Stiggelbout (co-PI) and Ida Korfage (co-PI). The coordinating team is supported by Judith Spek.

Judith Rietjens

Professor of Design for Public Health

Judith Rietjens is professor of Design for Public Health at the Department of Public Health at Erasmus MC and the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology. Her research and teaching focuses on the integration and combination of methodologies and best practices from design research and public health, to optimize person centered care while taking into account healthcare system complexities. Examples of her work concern the embedding of shared decision making, advance care planning, and electronic decision-support tools in clinical practice, and leveraging the value of peer support and patient experiences to improve person centered care.

Anne Stiggelbout is professor of Medical Decision Making at Leiden University Medical Center and the Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management, Rotterdam. Her research and teaching relates to doctor-patient decision-making as well as Value-Based HealthCare. It involves doctor-patient communication, with a focus on shared decision making. Recently she embarked on research on care path redesign to empower both doctors and patients (and their decision partners) in Shared Decision making. Her research is both methods- and implementation-focused.

Anne Stiggelbout

Professor of Medical Decision Making

Ida Korfage

Ida Korfage

Co-Principal Investigator

Ida Korfage is associate professor at the Department of Public Health at Erasmus MC. Her expertise considers shared decision making (including advance care planning), quality of life, and patient and public involvement in research. She is an economist and epidemiologist by training. She co-chaired the EAPC Task Force on advance care planning and co-chairs the current one on advance care planning and dementia. From 2016-19 she was elected member of the Board of Directors of the International Society of Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL).  

Judith Spek is part of the research support staff at the department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, and assists the principal investigators of 4D PICTURE with the management of the project.

Judith Spek

Project manager

My dream is to improve healthcare systems all around Europe, with patients at the heart of all care. This requires thinking big. I am so happy to be involved in a dedicated team of researchers, designers, clinicians and patient advocates. A team that knows how to use Big Data and that has drafted a solid plan, targeting at a web-based, user-friendly, open-source method and manual of Metro Mapping, that includes support for decision making, and is freely accessible for all European hospitals and (future) patients.

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