WP 1: Project Management

WP1 entails all aspects of the coordination, management and progress monitoring of the project. The lead partner of WP1 (EMC) has experience with coordinating EC-funded projects and is acquainted with the efforts to successfully complete such a large-scale project. EMC has longstanding partnerships with many of the participants in 4D PICTURE, ensuring smooth cooperation and management.

work package 1 tasks


Handling of technical, financial and administrative issues

Responsible for tasks including monitoring budgets, ensuring that all administrative obligations are met, reporting to the European Commission about progress and finances, the drafting of the Consortium Agreement, and handling all other technical, financial and administrative issues.


Organising consortium meetings

Responsible for consortium meetings throughout the project, as part of progress monitoring and facilitating the communication and collaboration necessary for the success of the project.


Facilitate internal and external communication

WP1 is be the focal point for communication, either through personal visits, email, telephone contacts, web conferencing or the project website, within the project and with external parties. In the online forum, the digital Project Community Engagement Board, participants, including representatives of patients and citizens will exchange expertise,  views and experiences. Further actions are: forming the PPI Board, communication with the European Commission, and communication with other relevant projects


Member checking study

In each of the 8 countries, a digital questionnaire study will be completed by 200 cancer patients (melanoma, breast and prostate) and 200 clinicians. Aim: To gain insight, at the start of the project, into experiences and attitudes regarding treatment decision making, best ways of sharing information, the possible value of decision-support tools, and positive and negative experiences with patients’ care paths. The results will guide the WPs in effectively meeting their objectives.

Ida Korfage

Co-Principal Investigator

Work package leader

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