WP 5: Evaluation

In WP5 we will evaluate MetroMapping in its entirety with mixed-methods designs, as well as evaluate the decision support tools to be developed. For all evaluations involving patients, we will develop protocols, including Patient Information Forms and Consent Forms, to obtain ethical (Institutional Review Board) approval. We will obtain informed consent from all patients, in seven countries (Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, and UK). We will use standard reporting guidelines for publication of the results for the respective methods.participants in 4D PICTURE, ensuring smooth cooperation and management.

work package 5 tasks


Evaluation of the effect of the use of MetroMapping in its entirety

We will collect information in daily practice from patients, significant others, and their clinicians on both the original and the redesigned care paths, using both quantitative (questionnaires, audiotaped consultations) and qualitative methods (interviews). The aim is to determine the effect of MetroMapping on the process (SDM, decisional roles) and outcomes (Decisional conflict, Regret, decisions made) of decision-making. Data will be collected for the care paths
of WP4 in each of the three countries (Netherlands, Spain, Denmark). In total, in this task, we will collect data among 500 patients and 27 clinicians.


A qualitative study on the experiences of cancer patients, significant others, and clinicians with the prognostic tools and the conversation tool

In the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark, during 12 consultations, the conversation tool will be introduced to both the patient, informal caregiver (if present) and healthcare professional. In another 12 consultations, the prognostic tool relevant to that patient will be introduced. Consultations will be audio-recorded. Qualitative, interpretative phenomenological analysis supported by conversation analysis techniques will be used to analyse the consultation encounter. Key themes will be generated and explorative comparisons between countries and settings will be made.


Electronic questionnaire study among citizens to study experiences and attitudes regarding engaging in conversations about cancer and with cancer patients

Questionnaires will be distributed to a representative sample of citizens > 18 years, in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK (total N=4000, through a survey firm).


Empirical evaluation of short- and long-term costs and effects of applying MetroMapping

  • Task 4a. To conduct a short-term CEA along the MetroMapping evaluation study.
  • Task 4b. To develop and validate a long-term decision-analytic model simulating the application of MetroMapping vs. no MetroMapping to melanoma.
  • Task 4c. To populate and validate the decision model with data derived in previously conducted WP2 and Task 1 including the scores/probabilities of the AI-based prediction model, and inpatient and outpatient costs collected in this task, complemented by parameters from the published literature and national databases (cost catalogues, statistical life tables, etc.).
  • Task 4d. To apply the decision-analytic model to the context of the three MetroMapping countries, (Netherlands, Spain, and Denmark), to evaluate long term benefits, costs and cost-effectiveness of MetroMapping (in various variants) compared to no MetroMapping, in the case of melanoma.

Gaby Sroczynski

Associate Professor

Work package leader

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Gaby Sroczynski

Associate Professor

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