Public Health, Health Services Research and Health Technology Assessment

The mission of the Department is to advance the health of individuals and the public through excellence in education, interdisciplinary research, and global communication.


Lára R. Hallsson

Senior Scientist

I am a curious life and decision scientist with a strong background in quantitative fields of research. As a part of WP5, together with Gaby Sroczynski, we aim to empirically evaluate the application of MetroMapping regarding short- and long-term costs and effects as well as cost-effectiveness.

Milena Muehler

Junior Scientist

I am a junior scientist with a background in clinical research, patient engagement and international health. My main interests are in health economic evaluation and prevention in health care. My main role will be to assist with the cost evaluation and implementation of the questionnaire in Austria.

Uwe Siebert

University Professor and Chair of the Dep. of Public Health, Health Services Research and HTA at UMIT TIROL

I am Professor of Public Health, Medical Decision Making & HTA. My research interests include quantitative, translational methods in health care policy, clinical and patient guidance. In the project, my tasks include the application of health decision science methods for evaluation of MetroMapping.

Gaby Sroczynski

Associate Professor

I’m Associate professor in Public Health, Health Data & Decision Science. My interests include applying quantitative methods in decision-making for cancer prevention and treatment implementation. In the project, my tasks include the health-economic evaluation of using MetroMapping in cancer care.