Lillebaelt Hospital


The team at Center for Shared Decision Making consists of experts in shared decision making, patient decision aids and cancer

We have considerable experience in teaching, implementation and research in shared decision making and patient decision aids. The Center for Shared Decision Making team work closely together with the oncology outpatient clinic at Lillebaelt Hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark, enabling recruitment of breast and prostate cancer patients to evaluate the MetroMapping methodology and decision-support tools in the 4D PICTURE project.


Karina Dahl Steffensen

Director and Professor

I am a professor in shared decision making and a clinical oncologist. I am the founder of Region of Southern Denmark’s Center for Shared Decision Making at Lillebaelt University Hospital of Southern Denmark. My role is to contribute with knowledge in shared decision making. We participate in all WPs

Bettina Mølri Knudsen

Project manager

I have a Master of Arts in Communication and Rhetoric and is currently also PhD student with focus on patient decision aids. Besides partcipating as a linguistic expert in some WPs, my primary role is to ensure timely and qualitative progress in the Danish contribitions to all WPs.

Leonard Wee

Assistant Professor - Clinical Data Science

I am a data scientist and clinical scientist with interest in applying artificial intelligence technology to improve healthcare and lead to better decision-making.