Kolding design school


Design School Kolding is an independent institution under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The school trains designers at undergraduate and graduate levels focusing on different areas of design.

The Lab for Social Design performs design research and artistic development work in order to create social and cultural change.

Through democratic, experimental and material-oriented design processes we explore socially sustainable futures within social design, social innovation and welfare design in close collaboration with relevant actors.

Our starting point is complex social and societal challenges. Our approach involves co-design, empathy and performativity.



Canan Akoglu

Principal Investigator & Associate Professor

I am a designer and associate professor with an interest in the intersection of social design and service design as well as participatory design. My role in the project is to contribute to the implementation of the service design method-Metromapping-for redesigning the current cancer care paths.

Kathrina Dankl

Associate Professor

I am a design researcher and university lecturer with a focus on co-creating health care solutions. My main role in the project will be to ensure an active involvment of stakeholders throughout the design process.

Marie Kremer

Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant at the Lab for Social Design with an interest in designing better and fairer healthcare experiences. My role in the project is to test MetroMapping in Denmark, look into and redesign breast and prostate cancer patients care paths.