Institute of Oncology Ljubljana


An interactive team from Institute of Oncology Ljubljana consisting of medical and surgical oncology researchers alongside colleagues with expertise in basic science and communications

The Institute of Oncology Ljubljana (OIL) is the leading state institution for comprehensive cancer treatment in Slovenia with a modern, multidisciplinary approach. It is the central Slovenian institution for a broad educational and research work in oncology. Achievements of our researchers are published in international peer reviewed journals. As the holder of the National Cancer Control Program the Institute enables balanced progress of oncology at the national level.

Under the auspice of the Institute operates one of the oldest population-based cancer registries in Europe, the Cancer Registry of the Republic of Slovenia. The Institute also navigates two out of three National Cancer Screening Programmes – DORA (breast cancer) and ZORA (cervical cancer).



Simona Borštnar

Medical Oncologist and Clinical Researcher

I am the senior medical oncologist, the head of the breast cancer team, the president of the Slovenian Senologic Society, and the institutional review board lead. My primary role in the 4D Picture project is obtaining clinical data and cooperation in WP 8.

Barbara Perić

Work Package 8 Lead

I am a surgical oncologist at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana with special interest in patients shared decision making for cutaneous melanoma and breast cancer patients. My primarily task in 4D Picture is to coordinate project activities, news, achievements and research results, ensuring wide and effective dissemination.

Katarina Plantosar


I am a communication and public relations consultant with the interest in public healthcare, especially in the field of oncology. My primary role in the project is to communicate the path, the people and outcomes of the 4D project with the internal and external public.