Erasmus MC


The team of Erasmus MC consists of experts in (shared) decision making, palliative and person centered care, medical ethics, urology, oncological surgery, and medical informatics

We have expertise in shared decision making; patient participation; the development of algorithms predicting outcomes trajectories for different treatments; the development, implementation and evaluation of  complex interventions in clinical oncological practice, and the use of NLP and machine learning techniques to capture large textual datasets.

The Erasmus MC team works across five departments: Public Health, Medical Ethics, Philosophy and History of Medicine, Urology, Oncological Surgery and Medical Informatics.

Examples of our expertise can be found in international projects that we have been involved in recently, including iLIVE, CENTER-TBI and ERSPC.


Cláudia Sofia Cruz Oliveira

PhD student

I am a PhD student in the medical decision-making section of the public health department of the Erasmus MC, with a focus on prognosis methodology. My primary role in the project will be to develop prognostic tools to be implemented in decision-support tools in prostate cancer.

Yassin Engelberts

PhD Student

I’m a dietitian and epidemiologist by training, now pursuing my PhD at the Department of Public Health of the Erasmus MC. Within the 4D picture project, my focus is on patient and public involvement in research and evaluating (tech-supported) shared decision-making between patients and clinicians.

Laura Hartman

Embedded ethicist

I work as an embedded ethicist within the 4D picture project as part of WP7. I have a background in philosophy and obtained my PhD in medical ethics at AUMC. I also worked at the House of Representatives and the Dutch Council for Ethics and Health and Health and Society.

Christiaan Huibert Bangma

Professor in Urology

I am a clinician researcher, expert in prostate cancer, with an interest in care path management, value based health care, diagnostics and treatment, and basic research. My role is to link the Anser prostate network to the project especially via Metromapping.

Linetta Koppert

Associate professor Surgical Oncology

I am a surgical oncologist and epidemiologist at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. My main focus in clinic and research is breast cancer. My role in the project is to deliver breast cancer patient data in order to develop prediction models on outcome. These could be build in in a breast cancer MetroMap.

Ida Korfage

Co-Principal Investigator

I am an epidemiologist with a focus on (shared) decision making and the involvement of patients and public in research. My primary role in 4D PICTURE will be supporting synergy.

Jan Kors

Associate Professor

I am an associate professor in medical informatics with an interest in biomedical text mining and terminologies. In the project I am involved in the data collection and text mining analyses of patient experiences with their care trajectory.

Hester Lingsma

Work Package 2 Lead

I am professor of Medical Decision Making in the department of Public Health of the Erasmus MC. I lead a multidisciplinary research group involved in prediction research, comparative effectiveness research, and quality of care research. I lead WP2, in which we aim develop prognostic models to predict outcome that are relevant to patients and health care professionals to support treatment decisions. Eventually these models will be presented in user-friendly decision support tools and integrated in the metro maps.

Dilara Masri Koussa

Masters Student

I’m a Research Masters student in the medical decision making section of the Public Health Department. As an intern, I play a role in developing decision support tools which could be part of breast cancer care path, with a main focus on systemic treatment.

Judith Rietjens

Professor of Design for Public Health

Judith Rietjens is professor of Design for Public Health at the Department of Public Health at Erasmus MC and the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology. Her research and teaching focuses on the integration and combination of methodologies and best practices from design research and public health, to optimize person centred care while taking into account healthcare system complexities.

Monique J Roobol

Professor Decision Making in Urology

Co-developer of the “Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator”: (, and I will guide a PhD student with her work on modelling.

Maartje Schermer

Professor medical ethics and philosophy

I am a professor of medical ethics and philosophy of medicine, interested in the ethics of AI, risk prediction and shared decision-making. Our role in the project is that of ’embedded ethicists’: we will help identify, analyze and deal with ethical issues arising throughout the consortium.

Maud Schreijer

PhD student

I am a PhD student at the Public Health department of the Erasmus MC. My primary role in the project is involvement in the Questionnaire Study at the start of the project.

Judith Spek

Project manager

I am part of the research support staff at the department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, and I assist the principal investigators of 4D PICTURE with the management of the project.

Kyra Ubaghs

Project manager

I have an MSc in agricultural sciences; I am a project manager for European projects (Horizon2020, Horizon Europe); My role in the project is to assist Judith Spek who is the designated project manager for 4D picture.

David van Klaveren

Assistant professor at the Public Health department

I am a mathematician and assistant professor in the department of Public health, with an interest in biostatistics and prediction modeling. I will develop and validate new prediction models, and update existing prediction models, to support medical decisions for cancer patients
Erik vanMulligen

Erik van Mulligen

Assistant Professor

I’m a data scientist with an interest in text mining, ontologies, and knowledge representation. My primary role in the project will be to collect data sources for WP3 and to work on text mining.

Lionne Venderbos

Assistant Professor

Quality of life researcher who dedicates her time to quality of life research in mainly prostate cancer patients using patient reported outcome data. It generates important information which professionals and patients can use in the disease-specific decision-making process.

Elfi Verheul

PhD researcher

I am a PhD researcher with interest in quality of life, personalized care, and (reconstructive) surgery. With our team, we will develop evidence-based decision-support tools, which can be integrated in a new care path for cancer. My focus is on breast cancer.