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We conduct research on the organisational networks in business, the public sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Working within these networks, we develop design approaches and theories leading to innovation strategies. We observe the behaviour of network participants, and co-create designs and strategies. Our research takes place both in existing networks, and in networks that we build and lead ourselves. The purpose of this research perspective is to support creative innovations that benefit individuals, organisations, and society as a whole.


Paula Melo Signerez

PhD Researcher

I am a PhD researcher interested in participatory design, service design, community-based approaches and technology. My role in the project is related to the application of the NASSS framework to technology, and the establishment of collaboration instances for patients, clinicians and policy makers.

Kamran Rahmani

Interaction Designer - UX Researcher

As an interaction designer & UX researcher, I explore interactions, behaviours, emotions, & concerns in the context of human-AI collaboration. Studying at TU-Delft, I bring a passion for design & a skill set on mapping the context & identifying the genuine needs & desires of users in medical domains.

Judith Rietjens

Professor of Design for Public Health

Judith Rietjens is professor of Design for Public Health at the Department of Public Health at Erasmus MC and the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology. Her research and teaching focuses on the integration and combination of methodologies and best practices from design research and public health, to optimize person centred care while taking into account healthcare system complexities.

Fernando Secomandi

Assistant Professor

I am a design researcher with an interest in the philosophy and ethics of technology. My main interest in the project is to better understand how to design new technologies that mediate mutual recognition among people involved in health care.

Dirk Snelders

Professor of the Organisation of Service Design

I am a design researcher with an interest in service design as an upcoming field for young design professionals. My role in the project is to advise the co-design work on Metro Mapping, and supervise the PhD research on the evaluation of new technologies applied in the design work.